LOi INsane

Hi My name is LOi INsane i started Beat Production Late 2017. I grew up a singer and once i got older and started taking my music career serious i realized how hard it was to buy beats from male producers. I wanted very abstract very different vibes and the moment i would fall in love and be ready to purchase a instrumental, they would charge me so much or say they didnt make it for a singer. So i decided to teach myself. By early 2018 i realized that i am in love with building a sound. I love everything about production. Right now i am pursuing a career as a pop artist but in the future i expect to go back to school for Orchestra/Composition. I could get deeper and express all the hardships i faced being a local female artist but at the end of the day i want my music to speak for itself. Most of my beats are made for my vocals. So you will hear the space for Verses.

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Country: United-States



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