Lisa Martin

Hi, I'm Lisa. I'm a drummer based in London, and since graduating from the Academy of Contemporary Music in 2015, Ive been playing every sort of gig imaginable. From tribute bands to rock arena tours, musical theatre work to studio sessions. I love how varied music and drumming are, and the chance to constantly be learning and inspired.

As well as playing live I run a rehearsal studio called Salt Studios in central London, where you can often find me whacking the drums late into the night.

Thanks for checking out my vid, this competition and all the drummers who enter are so inspiring! This piece is in 5/4, which was a lot of fun to jam over!

Additional Information

Country: United-Kingdom



7 responses to “Lisa Martin”

  1. Good luck in the contest !! Great job Lisa 👊🥁

  2. Jaynee Grooves says:

    Your play-along is really fun!

  3. Lisa is fantastic and making a living from drumming

  4. Becky Martin says:

    She’s a great drummer

  5. Amanda Dal says:

    Yes Lisa!! 5/4 ftw 💪🏽

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