Lisa Kyle

I’m the 54 year old drummer and background vocalist for NYC cover band Local Disturbance. I’m also a project manager, photographer, professional organizer, wife and mother. I’ve been playing drums for a little over 3 years. I started out playing guitar in the band but we didn’t have a drummer so I volunteered.

We drummers are the backbone of the band. I would like a stronger back! My bandmates rely on me and I take my job very seriously. I haven’t had many lessons and those that I have had where spent mostly learning songs for the band rather than working on technique. I LOVE playing drums and wish I had the time and finances to be able to work on technique, rudiments, limb independence, time signatures - the basics.

When I was a kid I listened to whatever my brother was listening to. That was usually The Beatles. In middle school it was disco because I love to dance. In high school I was obsessed with Pat Benatar and Prince. I won an air guitar contest “playing” Back in Black dressed as Angus Young. I took an Indigo Girls detour in college. But still loved Prince. The 90’s were - of course - Pearl Jam and Nirvana. And Prince. I got into Bruce when I met my husband because he’s a Jersey boy too. My favorite band is Green Day. American Idiot is genius. Tré Cool is so fun to listen to and watch. I still love Prince! My current play over and over song is the live version from Full Sail University of Marc Broussard performing his song Home. That’s how I want to be able to play drums. Just full on feel it rather than memorize and mimic.

Playing on stage is such a blast! I love to perform with the band and feel more at home on stage than anywhere else. It’s only been recently that I’ve stopped saying “I play drums” and started saying “I’m a drummer.” If I could make a living doing it, I would drop everything else in a heartbeat. A girl can dream, can’t she?

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25 responses to “Lisa Kyle”

  1. Rasila Queen says:

    Nice job Lisa. Very energetic, good luck.

  2. Dana says:

    Agreed! Great Energy! I would love come see the band next time I’m in NYC!! I’m a new drummer at 53!

  3. Good luck in the contest Lisa!! Great job 👊🥁

  4. Right on Lisa! This kind of glorious disturbance does require a strong back. R-

  5. Nora says:

    Great job!

  6. aklauren says:

    Damn girl, you’re killing it! Gonna catch you live one of these days!! 👏

  7. Anise says:

    Love having you in the band and great learning more of the backstory. Home is going to be amazing!!

  8. heidi's says:

    you got it girl….my em is a drummer…says your gooooood!

  9. banksy says:

    Great job Lisa! I hope you win!!

  10. teviscom says:

    Go Lisa…Go VisCom!

  11. Rikki says:

    Great job, great fun. We are local too. Should plan a show together.

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