Libby Scott & Dee Bradbery

Hey! Libby and Dee here! First of all, we just wanted to give a huge shout out to the team at Hit Like A Girl - thanks for putting this contest on each year, encouraging women of all ages to show the world their passion for drumming. You guys are legends!

One of the reasons that we love this contest so much, is that it gives people to opportunity to connect with drummers from all over the world… or from just around the corner.
In 2016, both of us entered and posted our videos in this global competition, only to realise that we live in the same city, not far from one another.

So we connected online, and stayed up to date with each others Facebook posts, and that was about it until a chance encounter at the end of 2016 - where we both happened to be in the same music store, at the same time! Crazy!

That was the first time we ever met face-to-face, and in 2017, we both made the finals of Hit Like A Girl (as separate entries) - the only Aussies who made it through that year!! Woohoo! We cheered each other on and celebrated the achievement - and this year, we decided to have some fun and enter together.

There’s something powerful in recognising that other female drummers (and men too!) aren’t competition or rivals, but rather comrades - people who can share their experiences and skills. We’re all working towards the same goal: to reach people with our music.

So for us, this video is all about breaking through our own mindsets and limitations - celebrating togetherness and supporting each other as women in the music industry. And hopefully we can continue to inspire others to get better at what they love doing.

Best of luck to everyone who’s entered,
Libby and Dee xx

Libby Scott: Libby recently graduated from the Queensland Conservatorium of Music and this will be her fourth year entering the Hit Like a Girl competition. She plays drums for several bands including all-girl band ‘Pink Matter’. In July 2018 Libby will be heading to New York City to immerse herself in the vibrant music culture and to level up her skills as a musician. (

Dee Bradbery: Currently performing under the artist name ‘Wild Eyed Wonder’ (, Dee has been playing drums for the last 16 years and made the finals of Hit Like A Girl two years in a row (2016 - 2017). She is currently in the process of recording some new releases for 2018. Endorsed by TRX Cymbals.

Additional Information

Category: Drumset
City: Brisbane
Country: Australia
Author : Libby Scott




  1. Double-drumming!! . . . with stick passes!!! Wow, what a terrific entry . . . GREAT story, POWERFUL message, FUN video 🙂
    All the best, Regina

    • Thanks Regina! Glad you enjoyed it 😀 You have a great entry too! Good luck in the comp

  2. Yassss ladies! Loved it! Voting all the way xxx

  3. Fantastic drumming with stick passes as well. You can tell you enjoy it. Look out finals!!

    • Thank you for the comment! Glad you like it 😀

  4. Love the community over competition!

    • Me too 🙂 Haha! Thanks for the comment!

  5. Votei, parabéns muito bom.

  6. Flippin awesome!! You guys are so good!!

  7. You girls are amazing. ???

  8. The smiles, stick tosses, song choices, laughing and talent make this video one of the best in this competition! Great job ladies! You two make a great team.

    • Wow! Thank you so much for your kind words! Hopefully you had fun watching it 😉

  9. Hi!! I’m drummer from Japan.
    I joined HLAG too!
    how nice you girls groove!! This makes me feel soooo happy!!
    Thank you for your GROOVE.
    I’ll share this my twitter.
    If you don’t mind,please watch my movie too!

    and,this is my friend Momoko,also Japanese female drummer.
    her groove is so nice too!
    please watch!

    Do our best together!
    Sometimes I want collaborate you too!! XD


    • Your videos are fantastic! Way to go both of you! It’s nice to meet other ladies from all over the world in this competition.
      Best of luck to you both!

  10. Love what your doing keep going!

  11. Ahhhh so love this!! You two are ????

  12. Yes! Yes yes yes! I follow Libby on Instagram, but I’m glad I know who Dee is now! Nice work, you two!

  13. Yeah,,absolutely I like u, Dee is awesome always
    Libby is great too!!

  14. Hi Libby and Dee! I really enjoyed your story and the connection you were able to make through HLAG and drumming! Doing this together, for me, certainly shows the power and emotions that come from playing music together:) You’re both awesome drummers! I’m happy to be on the same page as you two:) Congrats, and thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks Lea! That is so kind of you to say 🙂 Great to watch your entry too! Good luck in the contest!

  15. Unreal!


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