Lea M Torregiano

I got a late start to my drum journey and have been playing drums for 10+ years now. It’s been a fun and challenging experience! In 2012, I joined the awesome community of drummers on Drumeo where the wealth of learning opportunities continues! I always find inspiration from the instructors, the other members and Women on the Edge. I appreciate their encouragement and it pushes me to keep improving my skills!

I’m happy to say that our improv jam band, tbd, inc. is going strong after almost six years! Making it up as we go along pushes me to stay in the present moment in a creative energy! I am very grateful to my husband and bass player, Michael, as well as Dave, on guitar and his wife, Sora, on keys, for sharing their friendship and passion for creating music with me☺
My entry video is a combination of clips from our improv jam called “Get Outta My Way!”. As a 60-something, I continue to say with confidence that our four different generations speak volumes to the fact that music is ageless!

It’s so cool each year to see all of the girls and women who post their videos in support of the Hit Like A Girl contest. Cheers to you all! Keep on changing the world for the better with one beat at a time!

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20 responses to “Lea M Torregiano”

  1. Good luck in the contest !! Great job Lea 👊🥁

  2. teresa-mick says:

    Awesome, i like you and your band. You guys sound great

  3. Rasila Queen says:

    Good to see you here, Lea. Inventing as you go along is the most challenging and you do it well. I am going to be retiring in a few months and plan to put a lot more practice time . So excited! Keep in touch.

    • Lea T. says:

      Hey Queenie! Congrats on the Week 4 win!! Playing with our band has really been an awesome way to improve my skills and I love the creative energy! Retirement for sure will open up more time for you to play drums, so have fun with that:) Thanks for watching!

  4. CazDrums says:

    I’ve voted – great stuff Lea xx

  5. Lea – I really enjoyed listening to your group playing together! Nice work holding it down on the kit – not much better than a married rhythm section in my book 🙂 What a beautiful thing you have built – winner already! R-

  6. Good luck Lea! You have got my vote !

  7. Lea!! You Rock! We love your band! 🙂 _ Kristeta

  8. Good luck lea – I so love what you do with tbd inc <3

    • Lea T. says:

      Thanks, Emma! I always appreciate your encouragement and feedback about our band. Still hoping we’ll have a chance to connect in person one day!

  9. Lea T. says:

    Just want to say thanks to everyone who has taken the time to check out my video and especially to those who are casting a daily vote! My personal goal is 125 votes 😎

    In memory of my Dad . . . He always encouraged me to fully enjoy life!

  10. CazDrums says:

    I’ve voted for one last time Lea – good luck and great job. Xx

  11. CazDrums says:

    Final vote – good luck x

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