Katie McCarty

Hi! My name is Katie McCarty and I am 17 years old. I am a senior at my high school in Florida. I have been playing percussion for 7 years and marching snare for 4 years. I have always loved playing percussion, as soon as I played the first day in 6th grade that's all I wanted to do. My freshman year I started to learn traditional grip for marching snare. Eventually, it became my favorite instrument. I also play drum set in my school’s jazz band. I have wanted to enter this contest for a while, and I am glad I am able to enter this year. Seeing girls drumming in this activity is something I always love to watch, and it is really inspiring to see all of the talent. I chose to do a cover of “Rain on Me” by Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande. When I heard this song, I knew I wanted to cover it for this contest. There were so many possibilities of things I could play along to it. I can't wait to watch all the submissions. Good luck to everyone!

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