Katie Forster

My name is Katie, I am 16 years old and I’m from Sydney, Australia. I love music.

I started playing drums when I was 7 years old. Drumming has been a big part of my life, however, music in general, even more so. I have been exposed to an eclectic range of music throughout my life. My biggest influences are probably my family. From a young age, my dad would blast Iron Maiden, AC/DC, Kraftwerk, as well as, other genres of music from movie soundtracks to Aussie Christmas rock classics, blaring through the household. My Mum introduced me to music like Jersey boys, Michael Bubble, and Jack Johnson, which we love to sing in the car! My sister introduced me to some of my favorite bands like Twenty One Pilots, Bring Me the Horizon, Sticky Fingers and Slipknot… I could go on! Rather than list a heap of drummers that inspire and influence me, I believe it’s more about the whole band and how they work together to create music. I listen to everything and anything! Recently this has made a huge impact on my drumming, I want to push myself to new limits and see what I can really do.

Last year I uploaded my first youtube cover ( For me, youtube is a way to express and share my creativity while also learning to set and achieve goals. Editing videos was a learning curve, it’s teaching me to appreciate all the work that goes into it. Creating drum covers has pushed me to play solo pieces and become comfortable with myself as a drummer, as previously I became very used to performing in an ensemble, particularly with my band Palladium, and with friends in my music class at school.

The song that I chose for this video is different from anything that I have done before. My drum tutor suggested that I use an electronic type track and create my own drum arrangement. As I am extremely intrigued by space I chose the track called Weightless, it has samples chopped up from a space documentary, and sounds really cool!

Music really inspires me to be creative in a way that not many other things do. For instance when I go to a concert, all I want to see is the drummer, the drum kit, the setup, I want to know what they’re doing behind the stage, I want to talk to the guys at the sound desk (I’ve never actually seen a girl at a sound desk!), I want to know how it all works! And when I leave, I get this feeling like, “I wanna do that”. I get this burst of inspiration and ideas, I can’t wait to get home and play my drums!

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Country: Australia



60 responses to “Katie Forster”

  1. Grace says:


  2. Drummerdanva says:

    Solid drumming. You do a great job of subdividing your beats and perfectly fitting them in time. Impressive!

  3. Doug says:

    Headphones on…. Check…
    Volume up…. Check….

    Sit back, enjoy the ride and “Play”

  4. Good luck in the contest !! Great job Katie 👊🥁

  5. fanouria says:

    Very nice and tight playing!

  6. Donna says:

    You go girl 💜

  7. Jenny says:

    Brilliant Katie, you’re a star!

  8. jimjam666 says:

    Wow, really nice playing. Great song choice too. Well done Katie.

  9. Margaret says:

    Amazing! Could watch you all day!!

  10. Margaret says:

    Amazing! Could watch you play all day! Good luck!

  11. cozy says:

    As a drummer, I haven’t seen very many female drummers play as well as Katie, especially at her age. Best of luck.

  12. Debbie h says:

    Luv your drumming katie keep it up

  13. oliforster says:

    Great Katie!
    Good luck from

  14. James Harrison says:

    Excellent drumming. Your a Rock and Roll Outlaw. 🙂

  15. Lily astley says:

    It sounds amazing katie x

  16. mickjo01 says:

    You’re a STAR!!! Remember me when you’re famous okay?!

  17. Queen!!!! This is so good x

  18. Kim says:

    Crazy good !

  19. jessicahulm says:

    Katie you are very inspiring! Beautiful Technique! YOU ROCK!!

  20. gfoz says:

    Well done Katie, go for it.

  21. Adam Church says:

    Nice playing! Very controlled and consistent flow. Making the hard stuff effortless to the listener. Good job 👏🏻 🥁🥊👍🏼

  22. Pollitts4 says:

    Check our Rob Hirst from the Oils & the Backslider’s in my opinion he is one of the most talented drummers I have had the privilege in seeing!

    Good luck Katie, we were there in the beginning!

  23. Joan abela says:

    Katie you do more than hit like a girl. You make music come alive. You, and your family are to be congratulated. Continue being the best you can.
    Love always

  24. Amazing!
    Loved every second of it!!! 🙂
    Keep up the great work!!!!!

  25. Lukd says:

    I bow down to the Queen of the drums. You hit like a professional and you should be recognised as such. You are awesome Katie. Congratulations.

  26. Mel says:

    You rock katie!!!!

  27. wlblakeshaw says:

    Very tight and wonderful smooth groove sound! Yours is the kind of feel and sound I look for! Bravo.

  28. zoe catholic says:

    So proud of you, always a winner in my heart <3

  29. Alex & Agnes says:

    Great drumming Katie!
    Good luck in the competition.
    We are sure you will do very well and “beat” all the others. 🎼

  30. Agnes says:


  31. PAmela Barton says:

    Wow great rhythm love your pauses; effective syncopation loved your style Katie moves me to jig / jump + move All power to you gal with drumming in your veins ! Never lonely anymore ! Join the Beat! Wow
    You’ve got it! The X factor thank you for the chance to say yah Katie love your drumming! Go Girl Go Kate !!

  32. Linda Vella says:

    Good luck Katie. Going by your performance you’ll go great!!!

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