Kate Kuziakina

Hello! 🙂

My name is Kate Kuziakina. I am 9 years old.

This is my second time when I participate in the Hit Like A Girl competition (I was a finalist of HLAG 2016). To me Hit Like A Girl is as a very important exam which checks what you have achieved during the past year. Also, HLAG is a great chance to meet many very talented girls - both participants and Judges - who are so cool in drumming and whose example is an invaluable guide to improve your own skills and grow as a musician.

Let me introduce myself.

I have been playing drums since I was 6 years old. Drums mean to me much more than dolls and games. I fall asleep with my drum sticks more often than with a teddy bear.

I am a self-taught drummer. We live in a village at a good distance off Kyiv, Ukraine. There is no music school nearby, especially with the speciality "Drums." So I've learned drumming via Internet. Sometimes friends of my Dad who are professional drummers give me lessons, too. Also, I have been fortunate to perform with such rock bands as Mad Heads, Tabula Rasa, Vopli Vidoplyasova, and some other - in the clubs and live. It was an incredible experience that helped me a lot to improve as a drummer.

I create drum covers of rock and pop songs and put them on my YouTube channel. My older sister helps me with filming and editing the videos. Some of those videos are real music video clips.

My dream is to become a professional drummer. I want to be a versatile musician and master different drumming styles.

Thank you so much for viewing my video and voting for me! May all your dreams come true!

If you like to find out more about me, please visit my website and social accounts:

Additional Information

Category: Drumset
City: Yasnohorodka
Country: Ukraine


  1. Such a little girl from the Ukrainian village, but with such great energy and desire for self-development.
    From what I know about her: she set herself the goal of learning to play the drums. And she studying without tutors and expensive equipment, supported only by family and friends.
    Her family is not rich, but they are people with a big loving hearts.
    Katya, do not stop, and you will definitely win!

  2. Great job Kate! You rocked the house!!

  3. Rooting for you girl!!

  4. Awesome entry! Good luck. 🙂

  5. Badass!! Keep doing your thing, girl!

  6. Wow!!!!!
    You are Awesome!!!!

  7. You go girl

  8. You are awesome, keep rocking like that??

  9. Coolest drummer ever!

  10. I love your energy! Amazing 🙂

  11. Awesome! congratulation for winning the week 1! well deserved ?

    • Thank you!!!

      • Wow Kate, you received congratulations from Kalonica Nicx. That is high praise indeed, as Kalonica is also a hugely talented drummer. I vote for Kalonica too, in the ‘Concert’ category. Voting for you every day Kate 🙂

  12. Молодець, Катерино! Вболіваю за тебе!
    Good girl, Katerina! I care for you!

  13. I love you.

  14. Beast mode!

  15. Awesome performance, Kate! Having the desire to learn and the passion and diligence to keep getting better as a drummer, I’d say you are on a road to success! Enjoy your journey:) You’ve got my vote! Best of luck!

  16. I’ve watched this young lady for several years now and I’m amazed at her talente and sense of timing. Huge fan and I know she will go far

    • Yesss, your Fans stand behind you, to make your Dreams come true ??


  18. Goodluck Kate Rooting for you! #Dream #Believe we ? u

  19. Go on Kate ❗️I send you grooving Vibrations with my Vote today. I believe in you, because you are my favorite Drummergirl of this Contest. Good luck and I hope, this Contest give you a better Chance to be seen in your Homecountry Ukraine. Also good luck for your new Band ???????

  20. Good lord girl, you rock something fierce! Totally badass!!! \m/

  21. I voted for you every time I watched one of your videos I loved them your very good 🙂 I hope you win good luck :))

  22. Kate, you keep better time than most 40 year olds I see in local bands! Keep up your hard work and persistence .. You are one of my favs!!

  23. Awesome, Kate, keep playing….love. Ella May

  24. Hi Kate. We really enjoy watching your many cover videos and seeing how your talent as a drummer has improved so much. I will vote for you as my favorite “Hit Like a Girl” contest and I hope you win! ♡♡♡

  25. every time I watch this video I cant get over how relaxed you look when you play you are amazing

  26. WOW! very impressive. Excellent time and a very bright future ahead of you playing drums. You got my vote!

  27. You are awesome Kate! You are my hope being that you are so young and coming from such a place where, like you said, aren’t any music schools, especially for drums. You jammed that one! You are really getting it! Your timing is great! You look like you’re having a great time behind the set. You always have that big smile. That was no easy song to play either. Just curious, how long does it take for you to learn a song? I developed my ear for music. My main instrument is guitar but I love drums and I too, when I was 7 years old, wanted to be a professional drummer. Drums are so costly and my mother didn’t like all the “noise”. I had a small set for a short time until she got rid of it. When I listen to any song, I hear all the instruments and can picture what each musician is doing…Kick, snare, high hat, crash, you get the picture. Same with guitar, low E with a build up scale to…I never was formerly taught, like you self taught. I’m trying to teach myself what I should’ve learned years ago…scales, notes…if I had room and more insulation I’d have a drum set for certain. Keep up the awesome work Kate. Your parents have got to be real proud! Your sister is doing an awesome job on the video as well…showing your foot on the kick and the side view. I can learn from watching you! Awesome! It’s really cool to see the different angles mixed together. I hope you win this year Kate, you’ve earned it!


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