I am a SUPER SENIOR 60+ who has been rocking out on the drum set since I discovered MY HUMAN DRUM BEAT as a way of expression !!! I have been in various unsigned bands and always enjoy jammin when i can ... NEVER TOO OLD TO ROCK n ROLL !!! Raised on BEATLES ... ROLLING STONES etc HOPE I ALWAYS ROCK IT !!! thanks for voting for THIS HIT LIKE A GIRL ... and YES !!! BREAK on through !!! I can play all genres of drumming ... and really strive to INSPIRE ... wherever my BEAT FEET may lead me ... and thanks for THE VIEW and feedback !!!

Additional Information

Category: Drumset
City: Arlington
Country: United-States




  1. thank you so much for all the views … KICK IT !!! … hope i inspired YOU to HIT LIKE A GIRL … everyday is a breakthrough for me … PLAYIN’ everyday and i always find my day goes better with a little feedback from my friends … tbc

  2. thank you so much for the views … KICK IT !!! the breakthroughs come everyday !!! PEACE n best of luck to everyone !!! ROCKIN n REELIN has no age limit !!! I WAS BORN A ROCKER !!! and thanks to all the great sponsors n judges this year !!! WOW !!! tbc

  3. You Go KAT!!!


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