Karen Newell

Hi, I am 56 years old and have been drumming most of my life. By day, I teach graduate students in a medical school, BUT by night, I am a musician. I am known for my creative approach to music which includes making and playing instruments out of common household items such as car mufflers, exhaust pipes, paint buckets and trash cans. I am a compilation of Blue Man Group meets Stomp with a healthy foundation of Drum and Bugle Corp as well as some jazz/fusion/funk and rock mixed in for good measure. I also direct a percussion ensemble for women (The Les Prestines). I am thrilled to be able to share my passion for music with my drumming sisters from around the world here on Hit Like A Girl. This year I have entered a video that was performed on a marching tenor pad in the dark with blacklights and fluorescent sticks. For more info on my story, my musical background and my influences please visit my website: or check out my You Tube videos at superknewell or knewelldrums

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  1. Rikki Woods says:


    You have mad skills! Not just in this category, but in drum kit as well. As a matter of fact, based on what I remember from prior years, you also have mad skills on pipes, carburetors, maybe mufflers…There needs to be a Karen Newell category here.

    I think I will need to enroll in med school. I can’t imagine that your classes are anything but engaging and inspirational…unless you teach Calculus. No one likes calculus. 😂

  2. knewelldrums says:

    Thanks Rikki, you made me laugh, yes, I do frequently still play on a muffler with exhaust pipes and other random items, it’s totally fun, I love seeing all us old cats on here still playing up a storm, your drumming friend, Karen

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