Juliana Lopes da Mata Novo

Born in January 25th 1979 in a seashore city named Rio Grande, currently living in São Paulo, Brazil.

Member of brazilian Black/Death Metal band CRUCIFIXION BR since 1996, joining initially as a guitarist, becoming the drummer for the band since 1999.
Self taught, developed a peculiar technique for being left-handed and not inverting the drum kit, fitting in the style “open hand”, used by artists as Mike Bordin of Faith No More and Max Kolesne of Krisiun.
Recorded the whole discography of Crucifixion, including two demo-CD's in 2002, "Diabolical Profecies" and "In The Shadows Of The Obscurity", a live demo-CD's in 2000 named "Live Possession", the EP "War Against Christian Souls" in 2011 through Satanica Productions (New Zealand), and the latest album "Destroying The Fucking Disciples Of Christ" in 2014 through Horror Pain Gore Death Productions (USA), 2015 through Shinigami Records (Brazil) and 2016 in tape format through Serpent's Eye Recs (Holland).
Took part in many compilations around the world, such as the first compilation of brazilian female drummers by HiHat Magazine, and the extreme compilation 'Brutal Beatings' by Sick Metal Drummer Magazine, where she was the first female drummer ever to be featured on this magazine. In 2017 took part on the tribute 'Going To Brazil...A brazilian tribute to Motörhead', released by Secret Service Recs (UK).
Has played thousands of gigs and festivals with Crucifixion BR since 1999 in the south and southeast regions of Brazil, and also toured Europe on the Devastation Tour in 2015. Also opened for Krisiun in Dec/2007 on the Assassination Tour, and opened for Dark Funeral in 2011 together with Gama Bomb on the Satanic War Tour.
Currently working on the songs for the next upcoming album, to be released sometime in 2019.

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Country: Brazil



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  1. katb says:

    Congrats on winning weekly winner contest and becoming a finalist in HLAG conest 2019 !!! like your drum setup … best of everything from a fellow HLAG contestant KAT GOODE BROWN …. ROCKIN ‘ ALL OVER THE WORLD !!! PEACE !!!

  2. rasila says:

    Enjoyed listening to you. Best of luck!

  3. Good job, best of luck in the contest!

  4. Rikki says:

    Love it! Really well done. I also love your picture.

    Best wishes.

  5. Carolyn Potts says:

    Congrats on your Week 1 win. Good job!

  6. Dean Cláudio says:

    Vibrations to a thousand, will give you Juliana Novo, you deserve! Yeahh

  7. eduardo muller says:

    grande batera.. muito talentosa..tecnica impecavel. exemplo da força da mulher baterista no brasil…

  8. angelique beirlaen says:

    love you girl and boys from cb , was a blast to have you on tour on my stage in 2015 in Belgium

  9. Vanderlei Roadder says:


  10. Savio says:

    Simplesmente a melhor batera do Brasil!!

  11. Sara Neidorf says:

    Way to be a death metal playing badass! You’re killing it. Congratulations and please keep doing what you do! Hope to see you play live one day! -Sara Neidorf (drumset 18-39)

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