Joseline Esther Gale

Joseline Gale is a drummer, educator, composer and performer from Corona California who grew up in the small city of Waterloo Iowa. She has been making a name for herself in the progressive, fusion and hardcore scenes over the past 5 years. She is passionate about her craft and approaches drumming from a technical, artistic and expressive angle. Starting at 10 years old, she has been gradually growing and pushing toward her goals of supporting herself in being an inspiration to other drummers and people. Though she does not have all the best resources quite yet, she has the blessing of some of the most talented drummers in the world, including Matt Garskta of Animals As Leaders and Chris Coleman, gospel drumming legend, who both follow her on social media and approve of her videos. She is right on the precipice of really expanding as an independent artist. She has entered the 2019 Hit Like A Girl contest for the fun of playing music and with hopes that her talent, knowledge and experience on the kit will be more widely seen and recognized.

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Country: United-States



6 responses to “Joseline Esther Gale”

  1. Good luck in the contest !! Great job Joseline 👊🥁

  2. will1954 says:

    You officialy have my vote Joseline! Excellent job. I sure hope you win you deserve it with your great playing.

  3. Hi Joseline! I remember you from a prior HLAG contest – helluva good drummer and inspiration. Go Girl! R- (40+ drumset)

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