Jolie Bentley

At age 8, Jolie and her twin sister were given a choice to pick any instruments they wanted to play. Her sister picked the guitar and Jolie picked the drums. Ever since, Jolie has year over year improved her chops to becoming the backbone of her band Sugar Rush. She has played in numerous venues across the Tampa Bay Area, including the Gasparilla Music Festival, the Tampa Int'l Airport for Woman's Day, and many more. With a spectacular voice to accompany her pounding of the skins, Jolie has the making of a rock star!

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Country: United-States



18 responses to “Jolie Bentley”

  1. Good luck in the contest !! Great job Jolie👊🥁.

  2. Laura Bentley says:

    You totally rock. You are the best in the whole world!!

  3. marvinsara says:

    You are absolutely terrific! I am a long to be fan!

  4. marvinsara says:

    I am a long time fan.

  5. Jessica Bentley says:


    You rock! I can’t wait for you to WIN!! You are already a winner in my mind.

  6. Harrison says:

    Jolie, you are amazing and so talented. Watch out Sina!

  7. jtdow40 says:

    Uncle D is so proud ! Best drummer in Tampa Bay!

  8. Bethbentley says:

    Jolie ROCKS the Drums 🥁

  9. Bobbiereed says:

    You ROCK Jolie 😄

  10. goldbergkd says:

    Good luck, Jolie! Proud of you!!!

  11. Nancy Markoe says:

    You go girl!

  12. Cindy Baker says:

    Girl Power!!!

  13. dangoldberg says:

    Awesome job and good luck, Jolie!

  14. cheryl Hart says:

    This girl ROCKS!

  15. nanci coller says:

    Love you Jolie. You are the best drummer. Good luck

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