Jessica de Brito

I'm Jessica, brazilian from Recife. Before the pandemics I worked as executive producer to live events and most recently I started a career as a roadie. I am a member of the Coletivo Nativa, a collective of women who work in the technical areas of live events (roadies, sound engineers, stage managers, technical producers). My career was growing but then the COVID-19 came and locked us all inside. As a result, without the gigs, I started to get closer to music production and beatmaking. I already really liked those things, but never thought I was capable of doing it, so I just accompanied things in these fields from a distance.

It has been 9-10 months that I started to mess around with Ableton Live and - girl! - what a trip. I am still struggling with confidence (as a non-musician trying to make music) but I am so happy I started this journey. Beatmaking is a new-found passion, and I hope one day I can make a career out of it.

I've always loved to dance, so I feel like I have good sensibility to rhythm. My inspirations combine really local brazilian genres (funk carioca, pagodão baiano, brega, batidão romântico, coco de roda, forró etc) and global references (trap, grime, r&b, neo-soul and a hint of pop).

As a single woman in social isolation, I miss those nights when we could cuddle and have fun. I wanted to take this track to a feel-good, warm place. A tamborzão base, a bass, fun vocal points and a delicious pad. For a luscious evening 😉

Thank you for your consideration



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