Jasmine Johnston

My name is Jazz Johnston, I am a 27 year old Australian who produces, writes and performs under the pseudonym; Jazure.
I am a multi instrumentalist and vocalist, and grew up in a musical family where I was lucky enough to be encouraged to pursue creativity and passion.
Through my early twenties I would play keyboard in different bands around the Sydney Music scene, and had access to music creating software in the small college I attended. I started to notice that I could easily spend hours on hours recording and editing on Garageband without even noticing the time go by. I loved having the ability to layer sounds on top of each other in interesting ways.
However I was always insecure about pursuing Music Production more seriously, as my general experience of studios (and being in bands) was that I was the only female in the room. And I felt in many ways that I had to validate myself/or my place by being extra prepared, never making mistakes and always having something interesting to contribute. This, mixed with my perfectionism and fear of failing, was the perfect combination to hold me back from freely pursuing what I wanted to explore.
However much of this changed when I purchased my first MacBook and was gifted Logic X Pro by a fellow bandmate. Now I had no excuses to not experiment and explore, and though it took me a good year to overcome my anxiety of failing, I began to make sounds! And beats! And audio things! Thought I never posted any of it online, I had them and they were mine!

During this period, I had the awesome opportunity to travel around the world (Africa/Middle East/Asia/USA). It deeply impacted me as I came to see not only the Global power of music to touch our emotions but also its ability to empower people and give them a voice- in particularly those who are vulnerable.
I find this in particular in the role of a Music Producer, whether using a recording studio/or a laptop, you get to make creative decisions and lead and collaborate. It was in this time that my passion grew to see more women in audio roles not just in the West but all over the World. The greater diversity we have in the studio space, the greater the innovation!

From there my passion lead me to apply to Berklee College of Music in 2017 and in my second semester I was accepted as an Electronic Music Production and Sound Design Major.
Though I wasn't able to complete my studies, the knowledge I learnt from EPD gave me the confidence and open doors to begin doing synth work for artists in Sydney, Australia; and to release music under the name Jazure.
In December 2018 I released my first single (produced by me and mixed a female Berklee alum!), music video and live video, which was shared online by Music Crowns and VT.

I am currently short-term in Cambodia, working on my first EP, growing in my own sound as a producer, making beats daily and connecting with audio organisations locally who provide mentorship opportunities to strengthen emerging Cambodian producers. Though I still struggle with fear of failure and my own insecurity, I’ve come to learn how to rise above it and use it as a motivator.
I have been so inspired by the work Beats by Girls do to encourage girls/women in Audio in such practical ways, so thankyou!!

My submission for the contest, is a remix I did for the all-female band “Her Songs”. Using Logic X, I sequenced the beats from the MXXWLL and KREAEM Splice pack. Primarily the synth/bass sounds are Arturia’s Prophet and Mini V, Novation Bass Station and Reaktor 5 Plugins.
As I was travelling, they were mixed through my headphones on the fly!

Thanks again for the opportunity and I hope you enjoy my track!


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Country: Australia



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