Jamie-Leigh Schultz

Jamie-Leigh Schultz was born on June 8, 2003, in Johannesburg South Africa. She moved with her family to Michigan in 2015. She started playing drums at the age of 9. Growing up, Jamie was always exposed to music as she watched and listened to her dad play guitar at home and at shows across the country. She was always intrigued by music and one would always find her drumming on everything.

Drummers who inspire her are Aaron Spears, Sheila E., George "Spanky" McCurdy, Chris Coleman, and Eric Moore. She is currently taking drum lessons with Eugene McBride

May 2018, Jamie-Leigh won Most Popular in The "Hit Like a Girl" Contest. She also received a week scholarship to the “Musicians Institute” in Los Angeles.

Jamie is currently in a band called: "The JLS Experience." They released a single in December 2018, called “ My Playground ” which is the song that's featured in this video.

Instagram: @JamieLeigh.Drummer

Additional Information

Country: United-States



10 responses to “Jamie-Leigh Schultz”

  1. hlag says:

    Hi, Jamie-Leigh. Welcome back!

  2. Good luck in the contest !! Great job Jamie-Leigh 👊🥁

  3. Momo Kawazoe says:

    So groovy! You and your brother (?) are both so talented!

  4. My favorite girl drummer 🥁💞

  5. Noahdxn says:

    Awsome talent, all the way to the top for you young lady…all the best

    Noah D.
    Los Angeles

  6. I’m your fã and your Family! ❤🙏🏽

  7. Danniekae says:

    Hey girl, I just wanna wish you the very BEST 👍💯

  8. Honeybee19 says:

    Gods got this!!!! So proud of you beautiful, May the favor of the lord be upon you!!

  9. Michi Moore says:

    You’re an amazing young lady!
    Maybe you can visit Hawaii one day soon!
    Maybe the Blue Note Hawaii!

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