J Romo

My name is Jaylee Romanowski and I am a freshman snare drummer at Hillgrove High School. I have grown up around band and drum corps my entire life because both of my parents were in drum corps. My mom was in the color guard and my dad was in the drum line. My dad is also a judge for DCI and they both teach the band at Hillgrove High School. I was a gymnast for eleven years on a nationally ranked team, but this year I decided to change gears to music and I am in the snare line. Two weeks ago I got the music for Ditty by Kevin Murray. Since I just learned it, I thought it would be cool to share.

Stick Together Rudiment: In sixth grade I created the Splat Drag. I was just practicing one night and said, "Dad, has anyone ever played this before?". He took a video and sent it out to all of his drummer friends and they all thought it was cool, and they all thought it was hard, especially to grid it. I got videos from Dave Natal and Marcus Joyner playing Splat Drags. Click here to see me demo Splat Drags.

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Splat Drag

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