Isabela Moraes

Isabela Moraes, born on December 9, 1991, in Campinas - SP. A self-taught drummer, influenced by bands of many metal genres like Black Sabbath, Pantera, Sepultura, Slayer, Gojira, among others, started playing at the age of 15.

In 2015, decided to perfect her techniques with the drummer Gerson Lima Filho, where gets classes until today.

Currently plays in the Thrash Metal band, Kamala, where recorded the last CD titled "Eyes Of Creation". In two years with the band, in addition to several shows in Brazil, toured Europe, traveling through countries such as France, Germany and Belgium and featured in several interviews for radios and zines, including international ones.

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Country: Brazil



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  1. Parabéns Isabela!! O vídeo ficou ótimo

  2. Dirk Ayala says:


  3. Ville9kmh says:

    Kamala, great name for a band! You know it’s a Finnish word, right?

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