Hey! I'm Irene and I'm a 22 year old drummer from Spain. I've been drumming for 6 years. I'm mostly self-taught. I currently play in a black metal band called Porfiria 666. My main influences are from very different styles, from pop drummers like Debbi Peterson, who I tried to imitate back when I was starting playing Bangles tunes, to Sandy West drummer of The Runaways, because when I saw her playing I inmediately wanted to play drums and I love the energy she put out playing. It has also been a great influence my drum teacher. Some of my favourite drummers are Hellhammer, Frost, Nils Dominator. Nick Barker (Dimmu Borgir-Cradle of Filth era), Tjodalv (Dimmu Borgir era), Gene Hoglan, Mike Portnoy, Karen Carpenter...
The track I chose for the contest is a demo version of a new track that will appear on the upcoming Porfiria 666 album. I'ts called "Tenebrae", which mean "Darkness" in Latin. This is the third year I participate and hope to keep participating for many more.
Hope you enjoy it, good luck to all.

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