Hina Nishide

Hello, my name is Hina Nishide.
I love drums and percussion so much that whenever I go to a musical instrument store I become so immersed that I do not notice the time that has passed by. I have had the opportunity to learn so much and meet so many amazing people through music. Recently, I went to Australia on a school trip and had an impromptu jam session with my homestay family who played the guitar and I played the Congas. This is the moment when I realised the magic of music that allows you to connect with others without the need for words. This experience inspired me to take part in global competitions such as "HIT LIKE A GIRL". I had an enjoyable time arranging one of my favourite songs.
My dream is to become a studio musician whose performance brings happiness to others. To be able to have a future job doing something that I love, I wish to travel to Cuba or Brazil to learn Latin music in the near future.
I am grateful for the opportunity to take part in this contest. Thank-you very much!

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Country: Japan



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