Harriet Cruickshank

My name is Harriet Cruickshank and I am a kit drummer from South West England. I have been playing for just over 3 years and I love playing many genres from rock to jazz. I play drums because I am passionate about music and it lets me express myself. My influences are Anika Nilles, Luke Holland and Casey Cooper as they are all modern drummers and prove that it's possible to get out there and get famous doing something you love and watching them play inspires me. In the future, I would love to be part of a famous pop band and still be recording covers on YouTube and influencing other musicians.
In this cover, I have taken the well known dance/electronic drum beat and put my own twist to it with some fills and embellishments. I hope you enjoy it!

Additional Information

Category: Drumset
City: Taunton
Country: United-Kingdom
Author : Harriet Cruickshank




  1. Hi Harriet. I love your grooves – very creative, good technically, and right on the beat! Keep up the good work!

  2. This was really fun to watch! I love the groove. I see in your bio that you said you also like Anika Nilles, me too! I love watching her videos. 🙂


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