Hannah Davis

My name is Hannah, I'm a 28 year old self taught drummer of 15 years. Thinking back I'm reminded of the first time I sat behind a drum kit and how it just made sense to me, the feeling that I had found my instrument! It truly felt like it was meant to be, you know that feeling every drummer gets?

My obsession for the drums blew up from there. Growing up in poverty with my mom and 3 other siblings, we couldn't afford a drum set, so I made a kit myself from anything I could find around the house [tupperware, pots, pans].

As a mother of two girls [2 & 1 years old] it's very important to me to show my girls that they can accomplish anything they put their minds to! That girls can do what boys can do. Like most female's I have experienced the "girls can't play drums" and all sorts of put downs.

For 8 years I helped grow a music program at a local drop in centre by teaching drums and audio production to at risk youth, a centre that I attend as a youth as well. The staff made such a huge impact on my life that I wanted to do the same for other youth. You go into that type of work to make a positive impact on others lives but unexpectedly they much just as much of a positive impact on your life as well.

Here is a medley I did for my daughters of their favourite songs. I felt children’s music is really missing something super important...ROCKIN' DRUMS!!

This video is dedicated to the biggest blessings in my life my daughters Olivia & Madelyn.

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