Grace Hong

Music was a passion of mine when I was younger – I played piano and sang opera/classical and performed in choirs. Unfortunately, sometimes the things you love can be a source of pain and trauma, in part because you care so much. I had several difficult early experiences, and I gave up. And didn’t do any music, not even singing to myself while I was alone for almost two decades.

I continued to have lingering questions and regrets, but I was busy and I was building a successful career in corporate America – working on Wall Street, at think tanks, traveling internally as a government consultant, etc. I was a senior executive at a conglomerate with billions in revenue, and I came to a point where I couldn’t do it anymore. I became a nomad for about a year, and I dug deep and realized very progressively that I wanted to pursue music.

I ended up in LA and started writing songs and producing. Last August, I started learning Ableton, and I am obsessed. I haven’t released music yet, but I am working on several singles and an EP…or maybe several EPs. Anyway, I believe it's never too late to pursue something you're passionate about and to believe you can be successful doing it!

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United States


  1. giovannatakakibottai on April 27, 2020 at 6:36 pm

    Good luck in the Contest Grace!! 😊😷

  2. China Puppy on May 4, 2020 at 8:13 am

    It is never too late to pursue your dreams! Good to see you getting back into it!
    Very easy to listen to! 🙂 Any particular reason you chose to learn Ableton Live over other DAWs?

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