Georgia Inglis

I've been drumming for nearly 9 years - I started because my brother took drum lessons when he was 11 and I wanted to have a go too, since then I've been unable to put my sticks down! I play in both a Brass band and an American Style marching band where I am lead snare drummer and section captain for the drum line, these have helped not only my playing and teaching ability, but also created unforgettable memories with other talented musicians. I also reached the regional finals of Yamaha Future Beat twice in 2017, as well as previously reaching the semi-final of Young Drummer of The Year. In November of 2017, I won musician of the year for BYBA (British Youth Band Association) Individuals and Ensembles. I hope to continue a career in music as I cannot see myself doing anything else in the future :). My life revolves around drumming and I could not imagine it any other way.

Additional Information

Category: Drumset
City: Daventry
Country: United-Kingdom
Author : Georgia Inglis




  1. Good luck xxxx

  2. Great guitarist….and even greater drummer! Good luck!


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