Gabby Beury

For most of my childhood, I very much enjoyed music, but I never played an instrument. I sang in my school's choir and played handbells from time to time, but playing drums never occurred to me until I discovered Roger Taylor's work in Queen. Tracks like The March Of The Black Queen and Liar began to develop my love for progressive rock, and I soon started listening to bands such as Rush, King Crimson, and Emerson, Lake & Palmer. My biggest inspirations are Bill Bruford and Carl Palmer for their endless creativity, technical skills, and ability to not overplay, but to bring up the other talented musicians surrounding them with their own playing. I attend the School of Rock in Louisville, where I am able to learn songs with and jam with other young musicians. I am beyond grateful for the support and encouragement that I have received from my musical community, and I hope to continue to grow as a musician while both learning on my own time and while learning from others. Thank you for your consideration!

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