Hello, I am a music producer and composer from Brighton,UK. I am originally Russian from a tiny North European country called Latvia. I became interested in writing my own music at the age 13 when I bought my first ever guitar. I have played multiple instruments through my life trying to find the sound that I want and eventually chose to produce music through Ableton as it allows me to create any sound I imagine. I now mostly do custom video/indie game scores as well as variety of beats in different genres for other artists. And I mostly focus on a more ambient/industrial sound when it comes to my own work.

The track was inspired by my favourite graphic novel called The Sandman which talks about the the Lord of dreams and other entities that rule the world. I really appreciate visual art in all the forms and it's usually what gives me ideas for my music and I wanted to work on the idea of the dream becoming a nightmare with this one.
I hope you guys enjoy listening and by the way all of the submissions so far are great and I wish you all good luck in the competition!



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