Fernanda Terra

Short Release
Fernanda Terra has been drumming since 1992 and has been involved with several metal, punk and hardcore bands in Brazil. Recognized in Brazil and having international experience, she played at Nervosa, Food 4 Life, Extermina, Final Fight and others. Now she is a drum teacher at the School of Rock. She is sponsored by Paiste cymbals, Yamaha DTX, Sonor, Alba drumsticks, Casa dos Bateristas store and case solid sound.

Additional Information

Country: Brazil



11 responses to “Fernanda Terra”

  1. Drummerdanva says:

    You rocked it! Nice job playing!

  2. Mandou muito bem Fernanda! Parabéns.

    Eu também estou participando. Na categoria de 13 até 17. Boa sorte. Já tem meu voto

  3. Fernanda Terra and one of the precursors of the female force playing drums in Brazil,
    she is a reference,
    when the girls were still afraid to play drums she broke down barriers together with some other girls of the time,

    Today in Brazil it may seem normal for a girl to play drums,
    but 20 years ago there was a very large barrier,
    Today many girls play drums in Brazil.

  4. Dirk Ayala says:


  5. 1973_marsha says:

    Parabéns Fernanda ❤ Já deixei meu voto pra ti, bjos Márcia & Família Luta Armada

  6. Great Drums. .good look Fernanda 💀

  7. Marcio Meirelles says:

    Keep drumming

  8. Giselle says:

    Fernanda, vc sempre arrasa! Que baterista! 💜🥁👊

  9. Além de ser uma excelente baterista, eh muito gente boa!!!!

  10. Kéulin says:

    Aeee Fe vc arrasa!

  11. rhadas says:

    Boa sorte querida e parabéns mais uma vez! Beijos Lady!!

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