Fanny Clauzel


I'm Fanny, 29 years old, french cartographer.

When I was young, I played piano and danced. But it wasn't really for me. At 15, I decided to play drums, and do athletism. Two hobbies where I didn't see a lot of girls. I was myself, and I loved that.

I travel a lot. Each time I travel, I really want to play music and rythms with local people : the best way to have a good time, without any border, any judgement. Just peace and love.

When I was in Thailand, in 2014, I asked to play drums in a band in a bar. At first, the drummer refused, and asked me to sing, "like all the girls do". I told him that I really play drums. People who where in that place asked him to let me play.

We played during 3 or 4 songs, it was amazing, all local people were dancing, and my heart was so... I don't have the words to explain my feelings in that moment 😉 .

At the end, the drummer came, and told me "I'm sorry, it was very amazing to see you playing drums. To apologize, I give you my sticks. My name is Zero, nice to meet you."

I learned when I worked in Thailand that "Zero" means that he doesn't have a real name, and has no paper. So I refused his stick, because I know how much it can be expansive for them. He told me that I really have to take them, "please, it's important for me".

It was one of my best moment, I will remember it all my life.

The best with rythms, is that you can play everywhere, anytime, with nothing.

As I didn't play drums for a long time, and I just play again since few months, I decided, in 2019, to play a lot to be better and in order to play everywhere, with all the levels.

Thanks a lot, and I hope to see you soon !

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Country: France



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  1. interstellla says:

    Love that smile et that groove 😊🤘

  2. Tommy says:

    Trop bien !! ♥️♥️👍🏽

  3. MOISSET says:

    A commencé à voter. Bisous.

  4. Fab93 says:

    A voté..the best of the best!

  5. DUBUIS says:

    Tu as l’air d’être très à l’aise avec tes baguettes. Tu maîtrise. Bravo

  6. denis kralj says:

    Étonnant !!! Bravo
    Et de 1

  7. denis kralj says:

    Étonnant !!! Bravo! Excellent
    Et de 1

  8. KRALJ1 says:

    Bravo!! Étonnant et excellent
    Et de 1

  9. Good luck in the contest !! Great job Fanny 👊🥁

  10. Mahaa says:

    Ohh yeah 🔥Good luck 🤞🏻

  11. hqtlaurent says:

    Une future grande 🙂

  12. FIX says:

    Allez Fafa ! 😘

  13. knopfler115 says:

    Bonne chance à la ptite francaise

  14. Deyluy says:

    Super ! Bonne chance pour le concours

  15. Marco polo says:

    Wahoooooo, so good!!!

  16. MEDYSAT42 says:

    Aller Fanny, tu vas devenir la meilleure batteuse on compte sur toi 😁

  17. tingaud says:

    Superbe énergie et très bon groove ! <3

  18. Alice says:

    Bravo miss !

  19. Mickael says:

    Smile & Efficiency , congratulation

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  21. Noar says:

    👏😉 On supporte jusqu’au dernier jour!!!!

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  23. Jacques says:

    Félicitations d’avance ! De tout cœur avec toi!

  24. MarinaL says:

    Top Fanny !,Goog Luck 🙂

  25. Super vidéo…. 👏👏👏

  26. audrey B says:

    She’s the best !!!!

  27. Bernard says:

    Allez Fanny ! Tu es une battante !

  28. linglain says:

    Fanny, Fanny. Nous sommes avec toi.

  29. Carhy says:

    Trop trop super j adoré et rayonnante

  30. Cindy06 says:

    Allez Fanny 😉 Good luck 🤞

  31. Emma says:


  32. clauzel says:

    Whaou ! dextérité et classe …
    go girl !

  33. Jofo says:

    A fond avec toi meuf !

  34. madou says:

    Bang bang ! Fière de toi, ma blondasse

  35. Mouss says:

    You are the best !
    Tout cœur avec toi Fanny ! D’ailleurs c’est moi qui t’es pris cette superbe photo !!!!
    Avec ça t’es obligé de gagner !
    Batteuse for Peace !

  36. Jarod Mouss says:

    Tu déchires !!!! Superbe vidéo !!!! Tu gères de FOU !!! Et avec Style !!!!

  37. The KAMELEON says:

    Yeah yeah ! Tu vas gagner obligatoirement !!!!
    Youpi Aïe Youpi Oh

  38. AntoineB says:

    Bravo Fanny, on est avec toi, t’assures !!! Tu vas peter les scores de ce concours 😉

  39. Fanny, let your drumming style rule !!! 🏆😉❤️

  40. clauzel says:

    Ca avance super bien ! tu vas tout cartonner !

  41. ToineAmSur says:

    Allez, monte en fleche 💪❤️

  42. hqtlaurent says:

    et un petit vote en plus 🙂

  43. Mousss says:

    Yeah Fannyyyyyyuu ! En avant pour la dernière ligne droite t obligé d’être dans les 3 premières !!!!!
    Bonne chance !

  44. Fab&Dom says:

    Fun Fanny ! Et pourquoi pas la sélection……

  45. linglain says:

    Fanny, Fanny.
    LE 25 approche, espère que ce sera bon
    pour toi

  46. zoef says:

    AWESOME !!!!! hope you will win !!!

  47. manon2019 says:

    Trop sympa comme video !! Sourire and music !! J espere que tu seras dans les 3 premieres !!!

  48. hqtlaurent says:

    Un dernier petit vote aujourd’hui et croisons les doigts 🙂

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