Eliana Yamouni

I began my percussion career in 6th grade, and quickly became fascinated by the multitude of instruments that were available to me. There was one particular instrument, though, that really spoke to my interest- snare drum.

Although I loved to drum (and often spent hours at a time doing it), things took a turn once I could no longer rely on my snare stand. Marching didn't come naturally to me, and I had to pick myself up many times (literally) before I got the hang of it. Despite my steep learning curve, my instructors always encouraged me along the way.

My biggest turning point was when I attended my first live DCI show in 2014. I especially remember being mesmerized by the SCV drumline. At the time, I didn’t think it was possible for someone like me to march in a drumline of that caliber, but I simply couldn’t get the idea out of my head. After I finally worked up the confidence to audition, I earned a contract to my dream corps in 2018.

My time on tour was nothing short of a dream come true, but it opened my eyes to some pitfalls within the activity. I’ve always been aware of the lack of female representation, but I was blown away by how much attention I received for doing the same thing as 8 of my fellow performers (that certainly isn’t to say I don’t appreciate all the support I’ve received).

It is my sincere hope that through my involvement, other women will realize that they belong in the marching arts, and we no longer have to regard female percussionists as a rarity.

Stick Together Rudiment: "Scrambled Eggs". Click here to view/download the notation.

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Scrambled Eggs
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