Diane Wong

Totally mesmerized by all the magic and wizardry that fueled my imagination and my sensory horizon, I fell in love with music arrangement and production before I even turned ten. However, it was way later when I began to understand how music is such a perfect medium to reflect human emotions, both being abstract, visceral and extremely convoluted. Often time when we are so overwhelmed that we can hardly identify or understand our feelings, at least through music we can describe it, re-create it and hopefully be healed by the process. This is the power of music that I have faith in.

A lot of the time, I make music is simply because I feel an urge or a rush of excitement to, or simply because it feels great to create. Music and music-making make me feel wholely alive, inspired, content and (pretty) badass like no other things on earth.

I know that it is a privilege to be able to immerse myself in this kind of joy, and my only wish is to share and spread that joy to whoever can use it to get thru the day. Music has graciously seen me through a lot of very rough times in my life, and I owe a lot of my resilience to it. Through my music, I aspire to be able to excite and exalt, to comfort and shelter, to inspire and spread some love with the world.



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