Deniz Şengezer

Hello my name is Deniz, when I was younger, I did many branch sports such as basketball, swimming and volleyball, although I am actually good at these, but none of them could excite me like the passion in music. I used to sing songs with my sister's guitar, make up rhythms with my sister's guitar, watch covers on YouTube, and the moment I saw the drum covers, I realized that I wanted to do this, I think I was 11-12 years old at that time. Of course, not everyone around me welcomed this, I tried to prove myself and succeeded.

We attended the Turkey fizy competition among high school students of music with my friends when I went to high school. we made it to the final. and I won the 3rd prize for the best instrument. it was a dream for me. And right now I'm excited and hopeful for my future music life

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