Crown Suave

Crown Suave is a music producer, engineer and songwriter from New Jersey. She is no stranger to music as she comes from a family of musicians who play instruments, are artist and songwriters.

Crown Suave fell in love with music in elementary school and was proud of her recorder from music class. In high school, she was an active member in the band and drill team and she played the saxophone and tenor drum. After graduating high school, Crown Suave was enthusiastic to learn about music production and audio engineering, she enrolled at The Institute of Audio Research in Manhattan, New York and graduated with Honors in 2005. Her drive then landed her an internship at Sean Comb’s Daddy’s House Recording Studio in New York, New York.

In 2013, Crown Suave started her own music production company, Crown Suave Entertainment. Crown Suave Entertainment offers music production, recording and mixing services. Crown Suave’s dominant production style is hard hitting Hip Hop and sultry R&B. Crown Suave actively attends beat camps, participates in showcases and networking events. In 2018, she was selected to attend the Airbit Academy Music Producer Retreat, a 5 day collaborative experience in England, U.K, a retreat inclusive of only 10 invited, experienced and talented guest.

In 2021, Crown Suave was interviewed by Tom Tom Magazine. She shared tips and production secrets to make your drums hit hard. She understands her purpose and she will share her gift with the world.



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