Claudine LETOUZE (Fée Spirit)

I'm Claudine,french, Fée is my drummer's name as I often have sticks in hands like a fairy ^^. I'm 49.
I began drumming after meet & talk with Mike Portnoy when he played with Haken band in parisian concert. he was 50 and said why not you on drums. I was guitarist but was searching my instrument to be real me. after that I discover & met hardcore bands who respected my goal to become a true drummer not hidden, as front woman. ok i didn't met ladies among them, but they gave me opportunities to test drumsets and play, with big trust in me. not enough as i liked it very much. we are always in touch and welcome me while concerts where i picture them. Since, I went to many events (drums only and lots of various styles concerts) and always had sharing time with drummers gents & ladies now. these instants are so usefull for my path.
Last november 2018, I finally met & found the right drummer by my side to enable the efficient strongly building my own drummer's path with wiseness and usefull first skills before many others. he taught me to slow down my energy, to guide it in good use. this way I 'm self organised, can read notes etc like caring my drumset and mostly keeping my creativity. Drums give me matters for my thirstyness of learning as it's neverending discoverings !
I didn't planed to enter the contest, but someone very nice told me to try it.
Then I chose Charli XcX 's song because it's fun, rebel and I could create my own play as musician and as costumer, to make it more "alive" for sharing with you and ones who know me & others. I will always thank Thomas M for this "Je sais que tu es prête", when he first met me without watching me behind drums. He was fully right.
thank you, merci à Hit Like A Girl Contest.

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Country: France



16 responses to “Claudine LETOUZE (Fée Spirit)”

  1. Good luck in the contest !! Great job Claudine👊🥁.

  2. rasila queen says:

    Tres bien. Bonne chance!

  3. Rikki Woods says:

    That was fun. Very happy to see you here. Best wishes.

  4. Stéphan says:

    Que la force soit avec toi, tu a tout mon soutien 😙🇨🇦👍

  5. PRIMAL AGE says:

    Bonne chanc et bon courage Claudine.
    Total Support. Primal Age

    • cfee says:

      ma vie de batteuse est imprevue city, et purée que c’est magique ! ( ok, je bosse un petit peu pour ça ^^) bises vraies à tous les Primal Age d’une #geriatricdelinquent ^^

  6. cfee says:

    hello my dearest scotish hardcore ones, if only other french HxC ones of my concerts page would have the same idea than you ^^ ( ok the subscribing on this website is tough, it selects truly determination ^^, could have been much easyer , it s a pity).
    voting daily is tough for many ;o) but that’s rules

  7. Lot of love from Germany <3

    • cfee says:

      vielen Dank Pinky !!! I long to travel back to Köln next august while Gamescom , so viele deutsche echt Freunde/Freudinnen mit neue Kostumen zu treffen ^^

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