Clare Martyn

Hello !!

I'm Clare Martyn from Ireland and I decided to play along with Ireland most famous musical show Riverdance. I wore green as well for Ireland!

Riverdance growing up for me was one of the reasons I started Drums, the passion, commitment and the seamless mix between music and dance, caught me as a child and I have played and loved Irish music since. I play the Irish drum the Bodhran, this was my first percussion instrument, so this video really was from my heart.

As I said I started on the Bodhran, then Drum kit, Marching Snare and then orchestra Percussion which I love!!

I was in the National Youth Orchestra of Ireland for 5 years playing percussion and got to experience symphonies like Mahler 1 or film music like Pirates of the Caribbean. This is where I developed a deep love for the orchestra, the rich sounds it brings and its passion !!

I want to become a drummer on the world stage and will keeping trying everyday to do it. I am also a Film composer that composes with Orchestra and electronics and I love it. It's just the beginning I hope, and thank you so much for reading!!

My dreams are high, but I'm enjoying every minute!!

Clare ??

Instagram @claremartyn1

Additional Information

Category: Drumset
City: navan
Country: Ireland
Author : Clare Martyn




  1. I remember you from past years. And you are showing your face this year. Outstanding! 🙂 Very nice drumming. You have a nice feel for the music. Love the whole Irish music vibe. Impressive!

    • Thank you so much Dan!!! I love Irish music myself and yes this year I did show my face! really appreciate you commenting and telling me !! ???

  2. this was very orchestral. i like it very much!

    • Thank you so much !!!

  3. Hi Clare! I was happy to see you submit again this year as I am a fan of your drumming style! Full of energy and joy:) Awesome job! Ireland is our favorite place to visit and we hope to get back there one day soon. Keep up the great work, Clare! Cheers!

    • Wow What a compliment!! Couldn’t be happier that you find it to be full of energy !! Defo Ireland is fab I love it so much to be inspired by! Are you in the competition too? ?

      • Hi Clare In answer to your question, Yes, I am! I like to support the contest, and to try to meet my own goal of reaching 100 votes:) I’m on page 4, playing with our improv jam band, tbd, inc. We have a blast together just creating as we go! Hope you’ll check it out:)

        • 100 fantastic!!! Amazing so super to hear will check it out and vote for you with my other email ! ? thanks for everything

  4. Amazing as always!

    • Wow thank you spangles! Have you seen me before?

  5. Amazing! Great Craic 😉 Voted!

    • Helen!!! Thank you so much !!! Sure you are fab !


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