Christine Barreras

My name is Christine and I am nurse by profession. This is my 2nd year in joining the beatmaking 18+ category. I am also a drummer and started the interest in music arrangement, creation, composition 2 years ago and I am loving it.
I started the love for drums when I was in grade school but my parents back then instead enrolled me in piano lessons as drums are a "male" instrument. My interest in playing the drums remained and did a self study on a little bit of theory. I played by "ear" and "air drumming" most of the time until I was able to get myself a kit.
I have been consistent with my daily drum exercises and active in joining collaborations and doing cover songs which involve the use of a DAW or Digital Audio Workstation. The use of the DAW got me interested in exploring the software that I use and led me to creating songs using loops and creating chords using a MIDI. My submission for this year's beatmaking contest is inspired by one of the coaches I follow online as a token of appreciation for showing that making a song can be achieved with a creative mindset and dedication.



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