Charlotte Mizelle

Hi there! My name is Char and I'm a musician from Phoenix, AZ! I'm classically trained in clarinet, piano, and voice, but I have recently been dabbling in songwriting and beatmaking. I've been performing around Phoenix for the last few months with original guitar/voice and piano/voice compositions. I decided to download Ableton a few weeks ago, and put together a song for this competition to hopefully get some feedback from these amazing professional artists. The melodies in Jammy Marmalade popped in my head last week when I visited the Grand Canyon with my boyfriend. Unfortunately our car broke down on the way there and it was very stressful.. But we managed to have a great time regardless and it ended up being a very memorable trip! Just like our vacation, Jammy Marmalade has a happy melody and sad melody, that when you put them together make for a very catchy song that will stick in your head for a while! Thank you for considering me for this contest!

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  1. John Kreely says:


  2. Anna Olson says:

    What a sweet,upbeat tune!

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