Céline Le Vu

Hi I am Céline, a 25-year old French drummer.
I was introduced to the drum kit at a very young age, thanks to my father who is also a drummer. I studied classical piano and percussions for 10 years and took drum lessons with teacher Loïc Guilloux, before focusing mainly on metal drumming and singing. I won the "Trophée Sonor" in 2012, in "Excellence" Category. Drumming is my biggest passion and my goal is to be able to play as many shows as I can around the world. Some of my favorite drummers include Dan Searle from Architects and Matt Greiner from August Burns Red.

Additional Information

Country: France



14 responses to “Céline Le Vu”

  1. Good luck in the contest !! Great job Céline👊🥁.

  2. Adrienne says:

    Nice Job Cèline! Fantastique!

  3. So great Céline! My thoughts are with your people after the great loss at Notre Dame. I am sure your father is very proud . . . wondering if you two #doubledrum and if you are a #singingdrummer? R- (40+ drumset)

    • Hi thank you very much ! We don’t really do doubledrum, it’s more like one of us sings while the other one plays drums ! I am also a singer but don’t do lead vocals while drumming 🙂

  4. Doriane says:

    The best I know !❤

  5. Sicot says:

    Bravo Céline bonne chance à toi

  6. J ai joué avec celine dans un groupe de metal nommé Show Aniki pendant 2 ans,elle déchire tout,the best!!!

  7. Le vu says:

    Félicitations vraiment génial

  8. Le vu says:

    Bravo Céline

  9. Mathilde says:

    Best drummer and sister ever 💙

  10. kalounette says:

    Superbe! quel énergie et quelle qualité <3 !!

  11. kalounette says:

    Superbe ! quelle énergie et qualité! bravo <3

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