Camellia Akhamie Kies

Born in Heidelberg, Germany in 1989, Camellia expressed deep interest in music from a very young age. During High School she began to study drums and percussion privately with Myles Overton III from The United States Army Band "Pershing's Own". For several years during and after High School Overton mentored and trained Camellia in all areas of drums and percussion.

In June 2008 Camellia graduated from Woodbridge Senior High School, and shortly after receiving her diploma she auditioned and was accepted into the United States Navy Music Program, she served 6 years in the US Navy Fleet Bands as a full time drummer and percussionist, she lived in Yokosuka, Japan for the majority of her service and while she was stationed there she traveled the Pacific Rim performing in over fifteen countries with the US Navy 7th Fleet Band.

Marching Percussion has always been a big part of Camellia's life, she focused on drum rudiments a great deal while she was growing up, and that is what she applies to the drum set today.

In this video you will see Camellia demonstrate several different drum rudiments on timbre jams. Timbre jams are a percussion instrument similar to a practice pad or pitched wood blocks.

Hope you enjoy. Keep drumming and spreading good vibes everyone.

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Country: United-States



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