Caelah Garlejo

Hello there. My name is Caelah Garlejo, I'm 13 years old and I've been playing the drums for a little over a year. I started playing the snare drum in 6th grade for my school band, then later commenced to a drum set and had weekly lessons for roughly 5 months. Due to the pandemic, the lessons got suspended, so I have been teaching myself since then. My interest for music first sparked when I was 11 and doing some soul searching to seek happiness and new passions. I discovered the band Linkin Park and I was hooked, I came across more bands such as Green Day and Slipknot and decided to try playing the drums. I enjoy playing anything from pop punk to heavy metal and if I had to pick a favorite, to put it simply, I cant. My inspiration doesn't come from any specific drummer(s), but more from just music itself.

My goal is to inspire people to keep pushing to find what they genuinely love to do and make it a living so you can work hard, but enjoy it.

The video I submitted includes 5 clips from my Youtube channel, starting from Oct. 13/20 to Feb. 20/21.

FYI for some strange reason the video quality got butchered in the making.

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