Brown Jewel

Brown Jewel is an educator, beat maker, and music producer hailing from Racine, Wisconsin. Currently based in Brooklyn, NY, she is working with hip hop & R&B artists as well as creating music soundscapes for campaigns, short films, series, podcasts, and advertisements. Growing up she was surrounded by music courtesy of her father's massive collection of old school R&B and her mother playing Gospel music. Brown Jewel's interest in beat making came toward the end of her Freshmen year in college when her producing cousin, Young Bezzel introduced her to beat making. She would go on to study under him and self teach herself how to use the Triton Classic and transition to FL and other DAWS in latter years.

In 2019, Brown Jewel was asked to design a music production after school program for a high school in the Bronx. Though having taught for programs before in ESL for years, this was the first time she brought her passion of music creation into the classroom. She loved being able to facilitate classes to students interested in beat making and production; as well as gained a lot of insight from the students and their creativity.

Her primary influences include boom bap and the many variations of R&B. She finds the most joy in infusing samples and exploring new sounds to generate rich textures while specializing in using words as percussive elements in samples.



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