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My name is Brisa Andrade, and I am 17 years old. Although I was initially born in Palm Springs, I lived in Desert Hot Springs (DHS) for the majority of my life. Throughout my years of education, I have attended Two Bunch Palms, Desert Springs Middle School, and Desert Hot Springs High School. When I attended elementary school, I was involved the art competitions that were offered, being successful in most participations. But then one day, as random as it is, I was walking down an aisle in Costco, and witnessed for the first time a drum set. It was in that moment I knew I had to conquer this item, and became extremely determined to take the drum set home. Eventually, by refusing to leave the store at the age of 9, my parents agreed it was the best choice to buy the drum set for me to learn.

I’ve never had a stable drum teacher when I was first starting, so I ended up becoming my own teacher. I listened to songs, YouTube videos, and listened to other drummers in churches to do my best to increase my knowledge. I became very insecure, especially after being rejected to play at my church due to their belief that women should not play the drum set, and the constant pressure of having to play after moving to a church not that did not have a drum set player.

However, once I entered middle school, I decided to do something different, and joined band (in which is a subject I am still involved today). My former band director, Gary Coble, was a very strict but encouraging teacher. He taught me how to read music and how to play other instruments in the percussion section, allowing me to increase my knowledge regarding the drumset by using the musical language. My mentality dramatically changed, and I was more than ready to offer my sweat and tears for this lifestyle. Throughout my years in middle school, I was awarded 'Beginning Band Member of the year' my 6th grade year, 'Percussionist of the year' along with the Maestro Award that are only offered for 5 musicians out of thousands in a music festival my 7th grade year, 'Percussionist of the year' and '8th grade musicianship award' my 8th grade year. I am currently the Drumline Captain, and have participated in several ensembles in the high school, such as the Jazz Ensemble, Wind Ensemble, Winter Drumline, Marching Band, Musical Theatre, and went as far to participate in the Coachella Valley Honor Band as a percussionist for 2 years in a row, as well as performed in the Desert Hot Springs Apostolic Church worship team for 8 years with title of leader since 2015.

I always try my hardest to put my fullest in every subject, and find ways to gain experience disregarding the circumstances there could be. I plan to attend Concordia University of Irvine to major in Commercial Music, where I will dissect every single piece of information to bring back in my home town and church, who has been struggling in the audio aspect of their congregation. I want to give back what they all have given me. I am absolutely passionate and grateful for what music has offered to my life, and what it can gift to every single other person.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, I hope you have a great day!

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  1. Sara Neidorf says:

    Hey Brisa! Excellent playing! And thank you for sharing your story with us! What a disappointment that your church didn’t want to accept female drummers! As a drum teacher of female students, I’ve heard similar stories from many of them when they were growing up– so many barriers standing in their way from becoming the amazing drummers that they are. Keep pushing yourself and exploring the drums! You have immense talent and clearly heaps of dedication! -Sara Neidorf (drumset 18-39)

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