Athena Girls Drumline Hong Kong

Hello, We are Yanki Au and Candy Wong from Hong Kong Athena Girls Drumline. We've been partners for 10 years. We hope joining the “Hit Like a Girl” contest will allow everyone to meet the ATHENA Girls Drum Ensemble.

About Athena Girls Drumline:

Athena Girls Drumline was founded in 2015, despite only being formed for two years, its members were initially recruited from “Kiangsu-Chekiang College Girls Drumline”, being the one and only all-girls drumline in Hong Kong. Kiangsu-Chekiang College Girls Drumline has been established for 30 years, their motto is to train members with their knowledge towards drumming as well as developing team collaboration skills, to develop their sense of belonging, discipline and characters. Through the strict guidance of Mr. Jimmy Chau and his son Mr. Dominic Chau, members go through intense trainings consistently to strive for better performance. Thus, Athena Girls Drumline has gained a well recognised position in the percussion field, winning countless awards every year. With this being said, the drumline is no longer restricted in only performing in Eastern Hong Kong, instead, it is serving Hong Kong citizens as a whole.

Apart from participating in International and well-known competitions, Athena Girls Drumline is also enthusiastic in contributing to local charity works and educational events, having being invited by various organisations, the drumline has always been passionate in serving and performing for the community.

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