Asia M. Henery

Hey!! My name is Asia, if you’re into it I do have content of myself on IG as well @IntrvrtdLvr__ . I honestly wanted to branch out and see how far I can get with my skill in playing snare. I never went into college or experienced being apart of a drumline. I literally learned through the neighborhood. Haha!! I really hope you guys enjoy me!! I’m giving this a shot! Thank you!!

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Country: United-States



6 responses to “Asia M. Henery”

  1. Danyelle says:

    Asia deserves that spot. I’ve been following her on instagram for years and she post her craft frequently and it doesn’t go unnoticed

  2. Deborah says:

    Asia is someone you all need. Drumming is apart of her everyday life. She teaches everyone with love and care. She plays with confidence and as you can see. She makes things look easy where you’ll want to pick up some sticks yourself. Many questions her skill the best part of it all she doesn’t have to response verbally. She has no problem showing what she can do. She is very humble and has so much ambition. Asia is who you all need on your team #TeamAsia #AsiaTheAllen

  3. Blake says:

    Asia is a hard worker with anything that she does. The sticks are not a hobby it’s a passion. The dedication and determination shown by Asia will help to bring the best out of the team or drum line.

  4. teresa-mick says:

    Nice! I loved your playing, such natural talent. Good luck young lady

  5. jeisin says:

    A truly devoted talent that’s always had potential and never let it go to waste, finally stepping out her comfort zone and showing the world she wants to leave her mark in history and her work shows it. She definitely deserves that spot!

  6. Shawn says:

    Dedicated learner and teacher! I’m honoured to know her as my Alumni band sister. I don’t think this is ment for anybody else but her

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