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Hi! I’m Ashlyn Price and I’m 12 years old. I am so excited to be entering the Hit Like A Girl Contest for the third time! So many amazing things have happened to me because of my participation in this contest. The support and encouragement have been overwhelming and I am truly thankful for that. I was given performance opportunities and even media attention. Last year, my cover of The Spirit of Radio was featured on Rush’s official Twitter page, and I was given a pair of Neil Peart’s drumsticks by my drum teacher, Gary McCracken, who had been a touring mate of Neil’s in the early days. The contest also brought me a great supporter, friend, and mentor in Canadian artist Emm Gryner.

I have been a School of Rock kid since I started drumming at the age of 6 and have had some amazing teachers there, including Murray Stewart-Jones, Eddie Baranek, and currently the energetic and all around awesome Eric Choi. I have been exposed to a lot of drummer’s work at SOR and Keith Moon, John Bonham, and Jeff Porcaro are some favourites. Neil Peart obviously tops my list!

For my contest entry this year I decided to try something new, challenging and fun. I put together a hybrid kit (with a little help) by adding a Roland SPD-SX with external triggers and footswitches to my DW kit. With this awesome set-up I was able to create a Neil Peart inspired three part solo that I like to call ‘Three Parts Peart.’ The first part involves soloing over a waltz foot pattern with a couple of triggered sounds added in. This is my go to warm-up and it’s never the same twice. The middle part relies on horn shots triggered by the pads and a footswitch. The solo ends with a big band climax (as Neil Peart calls it), featuring a section of Love For Sale by The Buddy Rich Band. Be sure to watch for the throwback solo ending and a nod of approval (a little Canadian humour!)

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  1. Paul says:

    Hi Ashlyn beautiful solo sounds like Peart.He would be proud!All the best beautiful girl!!!

  2. Julie Munday says:

    Good luck again for your pursuing a third time entry. You got it going girl!

  3. Good luck in the contest !! Great job Ashlyn 👊🥁

  4. Ashlyn Price says:

    Thanks Giovanna. Best of luck to you, too!

  5. Mary Laughton says:

    Hi Ashlyn
    Your solo sounds just great. Good luck in the contest.

    Love Mary ( Gramma) Laughton

  6. Don Laughton says:

    Hi Ashlyn !!!

    I really liked your solo, especially your foot work It is even better than last year – All the best

    Don Grpy

  7. Jane says:

    Very creative, Ashlyn – Another inspired entry! Kudos to your film crew/roadies too for a great setup 😉. A supremely talented musician from a talented family!

  8. Monique Neumann says:

    Wow! your passion for music and skill is an amazing thing to watch.

  9. eddie baranek says:

    Hey Ashlyn!

    This is incredible! The opening section has a strong lyrical feel and a great narrative to it. It’s telling a story with a great arc. You are phenomenal— keep up the excellent work.

    Tell Zack I see one of his dirty socks in the frame at 2:38.

    Congrats to you and Zack on jamming with Emm Gryner too. So cool!

  10. Giulia Thompson says:


  11. daisy says:

    hey ash great job so happy you won the second week!

  12. srswimmer101 says:

    Great job Ash Sound Ash sound great, impressed with those triplets. Congrats on winning week two!

  13. Rasila Queen says:

    My favorite group to listen to is the youngest. You gals are so amazing and talented!

  14. Ian Price says:

    Great job, Ashee! You make me proud. Good luck in the contest! And I love Bobble Neil’s nod of approval at the end of your video! 😂

  15. Jeremyhughes says:

    Great Job! Big smile! Thank you for sharing your passion. You did The Professor proud,

  16. Robert Price says:

    Your friends at School of Rock are so proud of you!

    Rob Price (no relation!)

  17. Shannon Antosiak says:

    This is fantastic ! Outstanding work & dedication displaying a lot of passion and pure talent ! Best of Luck in the contest !

  18. Scott Julian says:

    Wow! Great work and great arrangement! You crushed it!

  19. Fuz says:

    You’re awesome! Your solo is really cool. I’m sure Neil would love it.

  20. Deana Webb says:


    We are so, so proud of you!! Our Sarnia drummer girl is going to take the world by storm! We’ll all be voting our hearts out, and can’t wait to see you drum again!

    Love Aunt Deana xoxo

  21. Aaron says:

    Great work, you can hear the Peart influence, but doesn’t sound like a copy.

  22. Amanda Dal says:

    Great stuff! Love the different styles!

  23. Alan says:

    Absolutely fabulous – I’ll show this to my Granddaughter who has just purchased a set of drums. Good luck in the contest – awesome performance.

  24. Cory fitch says:

    You really have a great beat enthusiast musician.Neil and the rest of us think your way ahead of most percussionists at 12 years of age. Keep playing and enjoy. Drumming cures all emotions. Aloha

  25. Phil Hodesh says:

    You had me at Peart!

  26. SpinoRyan323 says:

    Good job Ashlynn! Hope you win!

  27. Jessasaurus says:

    Hey Ashlyn! Great job and good luck! I love the way you formatted your video! 3 is the lucky number! Hope you win!

  28. wambulwa15 says:

    Good Work 👊🏾🥁

  29. Paul Bailey says:

    You go Girlll Awesome job!

  30. David Hallett says:

    Makes me want to live past 80 just to see how good you’ll be in your 30s!

  31. Roman miller says:

    Ashlyn,your foot work is very well controlled. Job well done. Keep up the good work.

  32. Scott Beasley says:

    Great job Ashlyn! You really are on your way, keep at it, Neil would be so proud to see the impact he has had on you and so many other drummers!

  33. Ashlyn Price says:

    Thank You! Neil definitely has a huge influence on the way I play the drums!

  34. alndee says:

    You make drumming look so effortless – the sign of an amazing musician. Great job Ashlyn!

  35. Steven Cooper says:

    An absolute talent and of course Emm Gryner would make an incredible Mentor! Keep rockin girl!

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