Annie Elise

The electronic music of 20 year old Annie Elise features mellow sounds that manifest themselves in simple and versatile melodies. Annie’s music is heavily influenced by a neurological condition called synesthesia, which causes her to physically see sound and hear color. In 2017, she gave a talk at TEDxLancaster about the condition that went viral, amassing over 115k views and becoming the most-watched TEDx talk on synesthesia. Since the talk, she has been an active songwriter/producer/engineer/instrumentalist behind the scenes of songs and projects for other artists. Recently Annie’s videos on production have gone viral on Instagram and TikTok, being viewed over 3 million + times.

Originally a classically trained violinist, Annie says that her interest in electronic music was inspired by her synesthesia, and was heightened by a rare diagnosis of Focal Dystonia that caused her to lose functionality in her fingers. She says, “I loved being able to create sounds that produced colors I liked. It felt like being a conductor of an orchestra, except I was a conductor for color. Once I wasn't able to study violin anymore, I switched to pads.” Influences from artists like Bad Snacks, Lila Drew, and FINNEAS helped her find a production niche in combining light vocals, live violin, and synthesizers to create music.

Annie is currently signed as a producer/artist for Dawn Patrol Music and will finish up a dual production degree at Berklee College of Music in the next year.



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