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Hello! My name is Anastasia Morozova. I live in Kyiv (Ukraine). I’m 35 years old. I am a journalist, editor and writer.
10 months ago I sat at the drums for the first time. About half a year I started regular classes.
So why drums? I adore music from childhood. I was lucky because my parents and relatives listened to good music. In my house there were songs of Queen, Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, different jazz groups and so on.
At the same time, my parents who graduated from music school always convinced me that I didn’t have musical talent. I lived with this verdict, but secretly dreamed of a rock band, where I would be a drummer (because I don’t know the notes), and a songwriter (as I wrote poems). At that time, at 16, I was listening such “girlish” music like death metal, trash metal and punk rock  Me and my sister told our parents that we was going to cinema but in reality we attended rock concerts.
Then the adult life began. But music was always with me. I often went to concerts – jazz, rock, electronic, whatever…
Three years ago absolutely accidentally I faced with African drums – djembe. I realized that I like it but as person who listened rock and alternative music I wanted more. A year ago I saw my friend in Facebook who played drums and I went to drum school “Sky Steaks”.
Fortunately, according to my teacher I was not hopeless. And when I started playing songs that I love, I felt great joy. Of course I understand that I hardly will be professional drummer. But, this occupation brings me great happiness and a lot of energy. If you really like something, then you will find time for it (even get up 2 hours earlier than usual). By the way I am lucky with my teacher. he feels my mood and know how to put in my mind new information.
This contest is the next step for me. It’s good just to play music that you like that, but it is completely different thing to have a goal. For a couple of months of work on the competitive song my skill has grown several times. It's wonderful that I still love this song of Foo Fighters “Sky is a neighborhood” 
But seriously, “Hit Like a girl” is the perfect competition model in my opinion. First of all, it’s great to supports women who play drums. There are so few women drummers, not because they play unwell, they just used to stereotype that this is the man’s world. Men were musicians, artists, writers, politicians, and women were just mothers and wives ...
Secondly, this competition forces us to improve. I am already thinking about which song to play next time. Moreover, personally for me this is a kind of therapy because I'm afraid of public performances. Besides, it helps me to deal with unhealthy perfectionism. I learned to allow myself to make mistakes.
Well, in the end, your contest is extremely clear honestly and simply.
Thank you for the opportunity to express myself and feel real pleasure!

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Country: Ukraine



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  1. oleksa says:

    Good girl 🙂

  2. oleksa says:

    Your parents should feel proud after this video – unbelievable performance! And hard work you have done within months gave you a freedom. You rock.

  3. Good luck in the contest !! Great job Anastasia 👊🥁

  4. Anastasiia Morozova says:

    Thanks 🥁🥁🥁🤗🎶🎶


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