Amanda Muse

I was introduced to music at the ripe age of 6. Piano lessons turned into flute lessons, which eventually turned into drum lessons. I have been marching snare drum since the age of 15, when I decided to take the plunge (as a flute player), and audition for drumline. My experience auditioning ironically became a representation of how my journey on snare would shape. It can be summed up in two words - "passion" and "rigor." Any educator or friend can attest to my passion for this craft, however, only that coupled with rigorous dedication has been the key to any of my accomplishments.

Thanks to passion and dedication, I have had the honor of performing with incredible ensembles, such as the "Pride of the Mountains" Marching Band, and being a musician at Orlando Florida's Universal Studios.

After completing my bachelors degree and wrapping up my marching career, I desired to continue this craft, so I began writing and teaching. I wrote licks to anything I found groovy, and soon discovered my love for writing matched (and perhaps even outweighed) my love for performing. I created an Instagram account (@musegrooves) as an outlet to post these licks. I have been fortunate enough to teach a number of clinics, and recently even perform as a clinician and adjudicator in Costa Rica for a national drumline competition.

The physicality of the craft never has never come easy. At 5'1", I owe any success to the hours of dedication behind the scenes, and the mental stubbornness to never accept the excuse of pain!

I wrote and produced this video, specifically for the HLAG contest. The process of writing and filming took over two months, and unfortunately came at a time when I lost my mother to cancer - A woman who encouraged me to break all molds and shatter all glass ceilings in life. Although I am devastated that she did not see the finished product, I believe she would be proud. I'm truly thankful to have had the opportunity to throw myself into a creative outlet when it was needed most. This project is in dedication to her.

Thank you for the opportunity, and I hope you enjoy.

Additional Information

Category: Marching-Percussion
City: New York
Country: United-States
Author : Amanda Muse




  1. Excellent hand chops! Very creative video! Your Mom WOULD be proud of this finished video!

  2. Not nearly enough votes or views for how straight up dope this is! Major props. Keep killin it out there!


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