Alexandra Rose Watson (Ally)

Age: 22 Birth: Newburgh, NY Hometown: Virginia Beach, VA

This is my third year participating in Hit Like A Girl.

I started drumming at a young age on pots and pans- whatever I could get my hands on. But I began drumming on an actual kit when I was about 12 years old and found a natural inclination to rhythm. I am mostly self-taught and I play by ear; however, I have taken a few lessons sparingly when I was younger. Certain periods of my life have consisted of a lot of drumming, but also time spent away from the kit. I started to take my practice with drumming a little more seriously during college at Virginia Tech as I didn't feel that I fit in with sororities or partying, and it helped me cope with stress. I preferred to drum whenever I had access to a drum set (I didn't consistently have my own to use during college) and I also fell in love with fitness and eventually bodybuilding during this period as another passion.

There at Virginia Tech, I gained the most experience with live performances from performing with a contemporary Christian band for my church and also for an EDM event called HokieBeats. There, I performed my first solo show in November of 2017 in which I drummed to a 30 minute mix of different techno and house tracks.

In addition, I started to post more content to my Instagram account (@drummakitty) in 2016, a page that started as a drum page and that eventually evolved into both a drums and fitness page. The page exemplifies that I not only aspire to be a drummer, but I aspire to be a women's figure/physique competitor. But in the bigger picture, I aspire to be strong and physically fit in longevity and it's my overarching goal to help people with their fitness journey or help them strive to be a better version of themselves regardless of their walk of life.

I feel that a lot of girls and women are usually boxed in stereotypes when it comes to drumming and having a feminine body image, and I feel that I can showcase that it's beautiful to be strong and a badass on the drums or at the gym. Strong drummer arms and legs aren't just a means of aesthetics, but they can potentially serve as perks to understanding the anatomy of the human body in application to drumming.

Given my background with drums and fitness, my submission this year demonstrates this and it also demonstrates my seasons of life with and without a drum kit over the past year. The video features raw grooves and jams both with a drumset and without a drumset as I decided to come abroad to Spain for several months to discern a career in teaching.

The first clip is a raw groove that appeals to my interest in funk and keeping a pocket, while the second clip highlights the importance of foot work, not only in drumming, but the importance of training calves and legs in the gym as a a potential edge to building foot speed. The third video was a video of me at my job during the summer in an office and warehouse that I worked at. During my lunch break, i'd go downstairs to a drum kit to let off stress or any energy in me as a form of therapy, not just practice. I feel that this video doesn't show my best musicality, however, it touches on my love to just bang away. The final video, is a clip of me drumming on a bottle of creatine while in Spain. I've been keen on hand drumming here lately and there's always opportunity to get creative and live out my passion even without a drum kit. Because of this, I couldn't be more excited to return home in May and really dive back into practicing again as well as getting more experience in a band.

My drumming influences throughout the years have been Cobus Potgieter, Luke Holland, Matt McGuire, Anika Niles, Matt Greiner, Taylor Gordon (The Pocketqueen on Instagram), Tony Royster Jr., John Bonham, Scott Travis, and Neil Peart. I tend to gravitate to grooves and chops, but I absolutely love a harder and grungier take on the drums from various rock and metal influences.

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Country: United-States



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  1. Conner Wood says:

    Queen 😍

  2. Good luck in the contest !! Great job Alexandra 👊🥁

  3. MsVaBeach says:

    Ur rockin’ it and making all us women proud!

  4. billytrace says:

    Hey ally, you don’t know me but I work for your dad. My name is Billy. Just want you to know you rock girl and everyone at that beach has got your back. Good luck hope you win

  5. Emily Vasser says:

    Good luck Ally!!! ❤️❤️

  6. watsodo1 says:

    Good luck Ally! Natural talent! ❤️🥁

  7. Rob says:

    You have my support! Way to go Ally!

  8. dylanmcmo says:

    Just voted best of luck🙏🏻

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