Addisyn Bonadonna

There was no way Addisyn Bonadonna was going to let her older brother get a band going and merely watch from the sidelines, so when Alex his Leave Those Kids Alone bandmates starting getting serious, so did she!

Addisyn has been playing drums for 3 years, yes, since her first performance in front of her school at age 5, but things got really serious in 2018 when she backstopped the Leave Those Kids Alone band, featuring kids aged 8-15 playing classic rock favourites, in Windsor, Ontario, Canada.

Addisyn steals the show, at barely 4 feet tall but with a rock star head of hair, Addisyn is the showstopper. People can't believe their eyes or ears when they see who's actually behind the kit! "Look at that cute little girl!" But then, she drops the beat, and they realize this isn't a little girl, this is rockstar in the making!

Addisyn plays both a Roland V-Drum kit and acoustic drums, the latter sporting her signature on her custom kick drum skin. Addisyn is in grade 3, and looks forward to continuing her musical journey all the way to the top!

Check her and her band out at and

@kidsaloneband - Twitter and Instagram

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Country: Canada



4 responses to “Addisyn Bonadonna”

  1. Good luck in the contest !! Great live performance Addisyn 👊🥁

  2. Sara Brennan says:

    Way to rock Addisyn! Great show! Good luck in the contest!!!

  3. Louise Vitale says:

    We loved you at the Riverside Sportsman Club…..

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