Aaliyah Jay Allen

Aaliyah Jay (affectionately known as AJ) is a multi-instrumentalist and educator from the United Kingdom, who enjoys playing a total of 6 instruments and also has a "pleasing" singing voice. She has always had a passion for music and started playing the drums from the tender age of 3 years old. By the age of 8, she was already playing in venues across the county. Despite the early start, AJ’s professional music career initially began at the Roland Music Academy at age 17. It was here that she received core training to prepare her for life in the music industry as well as certificates in various music exams.

Additional Information

Country: United-Kingdom



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  1. Good luck in the contest !! Great job Aaliya 👊🥁

  2. Enjoyed your performance AJ! Especially the sounds you were coaxing from the cymbals 🙂 R- (40+ drumset)

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